Monday, July 10, 2017

July Trails

On on hounds.  Here is a list of your upcoming trails.

Monday, July 10
6:00 PM
The Fieldhouse Pizza & Pub
4423 W Wellesley Ave
Hare: Cougar Snack & Sloppy Seconds

Monday, July 17
6:00 PM
The Hub Tavern
2926 N. Monroe Street
Hare: Cherry Pucker

Monday, July 24
6:00 PM
Hare: So You Think You Can Swallow

Monday, July 31
6:00 PM
Hare: Virgin Hare P.B.R. & Cougar Snack

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Upcoming Hashes

On On and gather for a downtown trail.  Start you 4th off the 1/2 mind way and hash with the IEH3.

Also July we will celebrate 30 years for the IEH3.  Quite an accomplishment.  Tentative plan will be to have a Sunday trail and BBQ to celebrate.  Possibly on the 30th for 30 years.  We will look to have IEH3 kennel shirts so stay tuned as we will need numbers and sizes.

Trail #732
Monday, July 3
6:00 PM
408 W Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA
Hash Cash $5
Hare: ATM

Trail #733
Monday, July 17
6:00 PM
The Hub Tavern
2926 N Monroe
Spokane, WA
Hash Cash $5
Hare: Cherry Pucker

Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday is a Hashing Day

Let us 1/2 minds gather for another hashing trail.

Trail #731
Monday, June 19
Litz's Bar & Grill
204 E Ermina Ave
Hash Cash $5
Hare: Holy Ballz

Mark you calendars for these upcoming trails.  Yes, we need hares so RU?

Trail #732 - July 3
Trail #733 - July 17
Trail #734 - July 31

On on
Rancid Nuts

Sunday, August 7, 2016

On on 1/2 minds, the trail of adventure continues.  Yes we are at it again thanks to Cherry Pucker who will hare this upcumming trail.  So RU?  Just a few more Monday evenings left before Saturdays arrive.  So let's hash.

Trail #713
Monday, August 15
6:00 PM
Maxwell House
1425 N Ash St.
Hare: Cherry Pucker

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hashing Update

On On let us gather in festive fashion to continue our hashing ventures.  Yes, it just takes a hound to step up and wow mismanaged organization flows.  On On to suds, trail, song, and relaxing suds.  And that's not all, we actually have a plan for the next trail on Sunday, July 10th.  What the....... a Sunday Funday.  Why not as we figure it would take you hounds some time to recover the your activities on the 4th.  Heck we might just make it a BBQ and celebrate the IHE3's 29th Birthday FU.

Trail #710
Monday, June 20
6:00 PM
Mirabeau Park
13500 E Mirabeau Parkway
Spokane Valley
Hare: The Dave Emoji
Hash Cash: $5

Trail #711
Happy Birthday IEH3 (our 29th)
Sunday, July 10th
Afternoon - TBD
Grant Park
1015 S Arthur Street
Hare: Back Door TapHer
Hash Cash: $5
Possible BBQ or Potluck

Friday, October 2, 2015

Zombie Pick Up Trail for Saturday

On on hounds,

In the spirit of Spokane's Zombie Crawl and since every hound should learn to hare, we will have a pick up trail Saturday, (10/3).  Tradition is a hound is picked at random to lay trail as the first hare.  This hare scatters marks and travels fast for 10 minutes then stops, preferably at a pub, and waits for the pack.  Then a new hare is selected and the fun begins again.  This is a simple pick up trail plan.

The other option is to gather and prelube for the "official" zombie crawl.  But at least sing a few songs.

But joy as we do have an official hare and venue for October 17th as BDT returns to hare.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Shiggy on the South Hill this Saturday

On on you wonderful 1/2 minds.  Just a few Saturday afternoon trails left and you know it is a fun one when Pilfering Peter Sponge Bob No Pants and sidekick Spooner Boy are laying the trail.  So RU a hound for Saturday?

Trail #685
Saturday, April 18
2:00 PM
Studio K on Regal (Yes, they moved thus "on Regal" is in the name)
4508 S Regal St
Hares: PPSBNP and Spooner Boy
Hash Cash: $5 (BS and Circle) Buck for PreLube and On After

Studio K is the prelube gathering as hounds will need to carpool to the trail.  There is limited parking at the start.  Hounds should be on the road to the start no later than 2:30.  Destructions will be provided.

Bloomin Hash will be Saturday, May 2 at 3:00.  Likely will continue with Fast Eddies as the venue.  Also need to know if there are happy hounds that want to man the Doomsday BS this year.   Send me a reply, especially if you have our hash flags.

On on,
Rancid Nuts (ATM)